DJ Equipment Hire Essentials For Parties

Looking to hire a DJ rig for you next party? Perhaps your having a wedding or birthday and have booked your friend to play but not sure what equipment to hire for the event? Even if your just looking to plug an iPod in to a DJ sound system to supply the music for your party, read on for all the information you will need to know.

The first thing you need to look at when hiring DJ equipment for your event is how many people will be attending, how big is the room your holding the event in and how loud do you want the DJ sound system. Obviously the larger the room and the more people your playing to the bigger the sound system your hiring needs to be, but if you make it clear the the dj equipment hire company your hiring from that you don’t want it really loud and perhaps just want the system for back ground music you could save allot of money letting the sound system hire company know that.

Secondly you need to think about the DJ Equipment your DJ needs. Are they using CDs or vinyl? If they are using CDs Id suggest Hiring two pioneer CDJ1000s. If they are using vinyl I would suggest hiring two Technics 1210s. In either case you will also have to hire a DJ mixer, If i was to suggest one i would go for the Pioneer DJM1000 or the Pioneer DJM800. All the brands listed are top quality industry standard DJ Equipment available to hire from any good quality sound company.

If you just want to plug an iPod in to the DJ sound system then you will still need some form of mixer but will need to inform the sound hire company that you are going to plug an IPod in. This will usually mean they are going to give you a mini jack to phono cable or mini jack to jack cable. If you follow this advice and work closely with the DJ Equipment Hire company you should have a hitch free event and have a very happy DJ.

Test Equipment Hire – The Advantages Over Purchasing New

There was a time when the only way you could obtain testing machinery was to buy it outright. This could be an expensive method as along with the initial capital outlay there was ongoing training, maintenance, running costs and ensuring that there was sufficient work to justify the purchase.

This could be an expensive way of testing products and systems should there be a slump in the market leading to extensive downtime and the apparatus lying idle for long periods of time.

While the “try before you buy” option is a rarity these days, you will find that the majority of manufactures and the burgeoning equipment rental sector offer a great range of testing equipment on a hire basis. The hiring of equipment gives the end user a number of excellent advantages that are not available under a purchase agreement.

Equipment is maintained and serviced regularly, along with calibration and technical back-up if required. When the equipment is not in use it is simply returned to the supplier, saving money on down time. Brake down and technical problems are also less of an issue with hired test equipment as a quick response from the hire company is normally guaranteed, after all it’s not in their interest to have machines off-hire.

Lease Hire
Lease hire is another option that falls half way between renting and outright purchase. It has most of the advantages of rental but with the option of making one final payment to ensure complete ownership. Machines that are not purchased once the lease agreement ends are then sold as second hand equipment.

Rental/ lease hire advantages
There is an obvious capital expenditure saving with lease hire and the convenience of being able to try different machines and keep up with technological changes. The cost efficiency of being able to bring in specific pieces of equipment “as and when” they are needed is another area of saving, along with there being no need for a technical team or large plant division.

There are times when the option of buying is preferable, especially with equipment that is used a lot and is easy to upgrade. However, if you are going to invest vast sums of money in testing equipment that is not in constant use or subject to repeated technical advances then hiring apparatus is probably your best option. During difficult economic times when cash is tight, paying for equipment to sit in a storeroom is not an option for many companies.

Choosing a Company For Your Presentation Equipment Hire

When you need a presentation equipment hire, you should know that the success of your presentation essentially rests on the rental company that you select. From the condition of the equipment to the dependability of the company, everything matters, and you need to take the time to select the best company for your equipment rental needs. Here are some things that you can consider before making a decision.

  • How dependable is the company? Typically, older companies are better established, and therefore more dependable than fly-by-night operations. You need to know that the company that you work with is going to fulfill their end of the deal – to the letter. If you aren’t sure, select a different company. Also take the time to read customer reviews online, or talk directly to other companies that have used a specific company’s services.
  • Does the company have newer equipment available for your presentation equipment hire? Many companies have older equipment that they rent out, and they do not replace that equipment as often as they should. This means that you end up with shoddy equipment which results in a shoddy presentation. Find out about the condition and age of the equipment that is available from different rental companies before making a selection.
  • What is the cost of the equipment? Naturally, the cost always plays a big role in selecting a company. With that said, however, the lowest price for identical equipment is not always the best option. Other things must be considered such as service and support, and delivery and pickup. Often, it is better to pay more for better service – even for identical equipment. Be sure to find out about additional fees as well, and avoid companies that try to hide fees from you.
  • What are the terms of the rental agreement for the presentation equipment hire? It is always a good idea to compare rental agreements from different companies. Read the agreement carefully, and make sure that you are very clear regarding how the equipment is delivered and returned, what you are responsible for and what the rental company is responsible for, and all other terms of the rental agreement before signing anything at all.
  • Is technical support available? Some rental companies don’t offer any technical support at all, and this could be a big problem that could essentially ruin your presentation. You need to know that telephone support is available, and that it will be available during the time that you have scheduled for your event. If it isn’t, you might want to choose a different company, regardless of the price.

Again, the success of your presentation weighs heavily on the presentation equipment hire company that you use. Make sure that you are working with a dependable, reputable company to ensure that equipment will be in good shape, and delivered on time. Remember that the lowest price may be attractive, but it isn’t necessarily the best option if you cannot depend fully on the rental service offering that low price.