Airline Ski Baggage Charges and Ski Holiday Equipment Hire

Here are the ski baggage charges for winter 2010/11 from most major airlines that fly to airports close to popular European ski resorts.

Austrian Airlines – free
Baboo – free
British Airways – £28-35 each way
bmibaby – £17.99-23 each way**
easyJet – £18.50-£26 each way**
Flybe – £30 each way (skis only)
Jet 2 – £25-£30 each way** (skis only)
Ryanair – £40-£50 eachway (skis only)**Snowjet – £18-£36 each way**
Swiss – free

**Cost of ski carriage can be reduced to the lower figure by paying online when you book your ticket

If we start by looking at the average rate from the list above of 10 airlines the average price of return ski carriage is £35.50. This is taking the cheapest possible option from each airline, which is available when booked on-line. When compared to ski hire in a large European resort this represents good value for money as you can pay upto £200 for 6 days ski and boot hire in some resorts. However, this is only how it looks at a quick glance.

You would expect most people to look for the cheapest available flights for a holiday, which would therefore usually leave you with the major low cost airlines listed above, which includes Ryanair, easy Jet, Jet 2 and bmi baby. For example a return flight from London to Geneva in February 2011 costs £48 with easyJet where as with Baboo it costs £101 on the same day. So even though Baboo offer free ski carriage it still works out to only £85 with easyjet including ski hire so you would presume that most people would book with easyJet and not Baboo.

So if the low cost airlines are charging upto £100 return for ski carriage what can you do to reduce your ski holiday cost when it comes to equipment? Sometimes ski holiday companies offer free equipment hire in ski packages but this is unlikely to be something you can bank on as it usually comes as a last minute offer or a special deal for one week of the season. In larger resorts you can often book ski hire on-line before you head off on your holiday, which can save you upto 50% in some cases just search the web, look around and there are plenty of options. The obvious problem with this however is that you then need to try and find the shop once you arrive in resort, which isn’t so easy as hiring through your tour operator who will take you to the ski hire shop or deliver equipment to your hotel, which again works out slightly more expensive than the discounted rates available on-line.

Undoubtedly the best value option in terms of beating the airline baggage costs for ski hire is available in Poland. For ski or snowboard hire in Zakopane, Poland you pay just £25-£35 for a week, every week throughout the winter. So a family of 4 would pay £100 TOTAL for ski hire. Compare that to either buying and taking your own equipment as airline baggage at £100 per person or hiring equipment on-line in larger resorts for £100 per person and a family of 4 could save £300 JUST on ski hire. A saving of £300 just on ski hire wouldn’t be far off the cost of a complete holiday package for 1 family member in Poland.

Hiring equipment may only be one part of a ski holiday but with the variable rates available in resort and on-line it is well worth looking into the options before you decide to take your own equipment or before you select your holiday destination.

Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Hire – Cold Storage Options for Your Business

Are you in need of an industrial sized refrigerator for your business? Rather than shelling out all of your savings to actually buy one outright, you may consider getting industrial refrigeration equipment hire. There are actually rental options available to suit your refrigeration needs, and the unit you choose to get can be brought right to your business location. There are many options to consider in doing this, but almost all of them yield better results than you would find buying a unit on your own. Here are some of the benefits of using this as your means of storage.

You can get industrial refrigeration equipment hire in a variety of sizes. No matter what kind of business you have, there should be a size available that fits you. The great part about the rental process though is that if you find out you need more space than you have, you can either swap refrigerators or get a second one to use for your place of work. There is a great deal of flexibility with this option, which is great for starting and struggling businesses. You only have to pay for what you need.

Since you do not technically own any of the industrial refrigeration equipment hire you look into, you are not responsible for the maintenance of the units. There should be a technician associated with your rental company that can come out and fix any problems you may have, without cost. This is something that you would not get if you owned the piece outright. If that happened, you would have to pay for any and all repairs that came up. Avoiding such costly expenses is yet again one of the benefits of using these units.

If you only have seasonal needs for refrigeration, industrial refrigeration equipment hire can be to your advantage. It allows you to only reserve a refrigerator when you actually need it, which will save you money throughout the year. You do not have to cover monthly premiums or energy costs for months that the unit does nothing for your business. Simply put it on reserve when the need comes up. That flexibility combined with the convenience of having it delivered right to you may make this sort of refrigeration device perfect for you. Look into the options for renting that you have in your area and you will certainly be pleased with the result.

AV Equipment Hire – How to Have All the Accessories For Videoconferencing

The AV equipment hire companies are constantly trying to improve with newer high specification products and providing a wide range of services including broadcast equipment hire, AV equipment hire, audiovisual services including conference production and presentation services. Hiring AV equipment offers all the accessories for videoconferencing to allow an increased and improved communication between dispersed workforces. They would also help with efficient cash flow as well as many tax benefits. The role of the audio technician and the quality of the audio equipment should always be taken seriously, as it is highly critical in the success and enjoyment of an event.

1. The AV equipment hire companies specialise in providing all your AV equipment rental as well as computer hire requirements. These companies can also help you to transport and test the equipment thoroughly before any event. They would allow you to choose whether you wish to have on site technical support for part of, or the duration of your rental. They would also advise you on units or systems that are best suited to your specific needs and facilities.

2. Some companies would also offer stage lighting hire and PA sound system hire to laptop rental and staging rental and experienced AV technicians, engineers and crew for all your needs for events and conferences. The equipment will be set up and ready to use on the very first day of your meeting with as many as thousand participants.

3. The AV equipment hire experts can provide you with tools to add creativity and drama to a party or a wedding or add an air of professionalism to your special event. They can also help you in staging and connections and make your event a memorable one. They would also offer genuine 24 hour back-up and maintenance arrangements.

4. With their expertise and latest top brands of audio visual equipment and videoconferencing systems ready in stock, these suppliers can take care of all your audio visual equipment rentals needs with great ease and efficiency. They would offer the most extensive range of advanced presentation technologies, anything from daily hire of audio visual products, to full equipment supply and set-up.

5. These companies have an excellent technical support team that would ensure you have your equipment functioning reliably and efficiently throughout your event. The staff is highly skilled to systematically control the programs and handle these highly advanced equipments and will ensure your expectations are fulfilled, or preferably exceeded.

These AV equipment hire providers are always upgrading themselves to provide you with the latest technology available in the market and help you to enjoy the benefits it entails. Leasing these items is a more economical choice, especially if you are holding a long-term event. These hire companies provide an effective way to manage budget constraints and would offer exceptional flexibility ensuring that you have the equipment whenever you need it. These professionals can really help you make your conference, special event, exhibition or product launch, a real success.